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Monday, October 8


Wardley Maps Saved The Day: How Stack Overflow Enterprise automated all the things in the right order
You probably have a a backlog of projects you want/need to start/complete. How do you know what you should be working on to make a real difference? Do you Build or Buy? How do you get management buy-in to work on a project that "only helps Operations"?

I'm going to share how I used Wardley Maps to answer these questions and how Mapping The Terrain Of Operations can help you invest time and money in the right improvements at the right time.

This talk is for anyone who is involved in any form of Operations Project Management–Formal, Informal or even "Non-Existent".

avatar for Chris Hunt

Chris Hunt

Site Reliability Engineer, Stack Overflow
Chris is a distinguished software operator with the good fortune to have worked in incredible organizations like Ticketmaster and Stack Overflow. He has an unhealthy affection for the meta and working on projects that invoke "Yo Dawg" memes like writing automated tests for a testing... Read More →

Monday October 8, 2018 10:00am - 10:40am
Metropolitan Ballroom III


Docker - A Container Full of Chocolatey
Docker has revolutionized how we think about Software deployment. Microsoft has adopted this technology to Windows to have the same approach for native Windows tools and applications. This talk gives you an overview of Docker and how you can create isolated environments for development and deployment. See how Chocolatey fits into the world of Windows Containers and how it helps to containerize your existing tools and apps in simple steps.

Key takeaways:
- You will hear the basic concepts why Containers help you to have predictable development and runtime environments.
- You will learn how Chocolatey helps you get started building your own Windows containers.

avatar for Stefan Scherer

Stefan Scherer

Sr. Software Engineer, SEAL Systems AG
Stefan is a Sr. Software Engineer at SEAL Systems. He enjoys automating things and uses Chocolatey and Docker at work in various development and test environments. He is an early adopter of Docker on Windows, giving feedback and sharing his experience as a Microsoft MVP and Docker... Read More →

Monday October 8, 2018 10:50am - 11:30am
Metropolitan Ballroom III


Improving Infrastructure Quality
“You can not inspect quality into a product” – Harold F. Dodge
This is as true in running infrastructure as it was on the manufacturing line.  By the time we are manually verifying the state of our infrastructure, we are at the most costly and impactful time to deal with problems.  Tools like Test-Kitchen and Pester, a testing framework for PowerShell, provide us a way to validate that our infrastructure management tools are getting our environments configured the way we need them, before we roll into production!  Let’s dig in and see how Test-Kitchen and Pester can help us build quality into our Chocolatey packages, our DSC resources, and our DSC configurations.

avatar for Steven Murawski

Steven Murawski

Lead Cloud Ops Advocate, Microsoft
Steven is a Lead Cloud Ops Advocate at Microsoft. Steven focuses on DevOps, SRE, and Cloud Native scenarios with Azure. Steven is an active member of the Chef and WinOps communities and a maintainer for several open source projects, including Chef, Habitat, and Test-Kitchen.

Monday October 8, 2018 11:40am - 12:20pm
Metropolitan Ballroom III


Ensuring Compliant, Consistent Systems w/Chef, InSpec, and Chocolatey
Make the audit status of all your machines an everyday data point available to your InfoSec team.   Find out how to implement automated testing of CIS compliance standards as you administrate the desired state of your Windows environments with Chocolatey, InSpec and Chef.

avatar for Karen Kwentus

Karen Kwentus

Sr. Solution Architect, Chef Software
Karen Kwentus is a Sr Solution Architect for Chef. She lives in the Nashville area and has been working with apps and infrastructure since PVCS was cool.

Monday October 8, 2018 1:30pm - 2:15pm
Metropolitan Ballroom III


Bootstrapping a New Machine in 1 Click
Microsoft, Boxstarter, and Chocolatey are collaborating on a Github project (aka.ms/devsetup) to enable automating client machine setup for a variety of scenarios: IT administration, DevOps, Web development, App development, Education, Machine Learning, etc. We believe everyone should be using repeatable, fast, setup scripts rather than a piecemeal approach. In this session we’ll cover what the scripts on Github offer today, goals for the coming year, and how you can participate.

avatar for Joey Aiello

Joey Aiello

Program Manager, Microsoft
Joey is a Program Manager working on PowerShell at Microsoft, passionate about open-source and cross-platform technologies.
avatar for Yosef Durr

Yosef Durr

Program Manager, Microsoft
Yosef Durr is a Lead Program Manager at Microsoft for a variety of projects to improve the developer experience on Windows.  He’s passionate about Microsoft’s contributions aligning well with open standards, cross-platform technologies, and community efforts.  His team leads... Read More →

Monday October 8, 2018 2:20pm - 3:00pm
Metropolitan Ballroom III


Maintenance Mode: Leveraging Chef to Schedule Patching, Reboot, etc.
New choco package requires a reboot? Windows patches overdue? Hear how Facebook EE (IT) created a source controlled way to schedule service interrupting changes while not impacting business as usual.

avatar for Gilbert Sanchez

Gilbert Sanchez

"Señor" Systems Engineer, Facebook
Gilbert is a “Señor” Systems Engineer at Facebook on the Enterprise Core Services team specializing in PowerShell, Chocolatey, and Chef. Managing all the Windows servers for the entire corporate fleet while building tools for Corp and Prod. When not writing PowerShell or ruby... Read More →

Monday October 8, 2018 3:20pm - 4:00pm
Metropolitan Ballroom III